Now is the time to restart your Aesthetic Practice!

Confidence to Grow Revenue

Learn the skills and knowledge that you can immediately apply to your practice to start marketing and growing your revenue in a post COVID-19 marketplace.


8 Essential Business Modules

Access to 8 business webinars detailing information on key areas you need to immediately focus on post COVID-19. 

Step by Step Checklists

We walk you through, step by step taking you through the most important tasks and to-do items with updated checklists and protocols post COVID-19

Shorr Solutions - COVID-19 Business Restart Bundle

What you'll get:

Continuous online access to 8 webinar products on our digital course library 

  • Facility Management
  • Front Desk Procedures
  • Office Sanitization  
  • Practice Inventory 
  • Prospecting and Recalling Patients After COVID-19
  • Social Media Plan
  • Staffing Plan after COVID-19
  • Virtual Consultations 

BONUS FEATURE with bundle purchase:




COVID-19 - For every purchase, we will be donating $20 to Feeding America. Providing meals to those in need during this time.

We will be donating $20 to Feeding America

Jay A. Shorr, BA, MBM-C, CAC I-XVI is the founding partner of Shorr Solutions, a Florida-based medical practice consulting firm assisting practices with their operational, administrative and financial health.

Jay served as the Vice President of Operations and Practice Administrator for a leading Board-Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon in South Florida until her passing in June 2012, and held partnerships in two leading South Florida plastic surgery centers in the past.
Mara ShorrBS, CAC II-XVI, is a partner for Shorr Solutions, bringing more than a decade of marketing and communications experience to Shorr Solutions’ clients.
She is a Level II through XVI Certified Aesthetic Consultant utilizing knowledge and skills from her previous positions in marketing for two separate leading dermatology, cosmetic and plastic surgery practices located in South Florida. 
No stranger to the startup world, Mara founded and ran The Leone Company, a marketing and communication relations firms based in Orlando, until she joined Shorr Solutions in 2012.

Important topics that we cover and discuss:

In this webinar we will go over a checklist of things you need to organize for the reopening of your practice post COVID-19.

  • Delegations of Authority
  • Orders of Succession
  • Essential Functions
  • Facility Operation Checklist

Organizing all aspects of the business will set you and your team up for success!


Is your front desk staff trained to prevent exposure of COVID- 19 in your practice?

In this webinar, we will give you a step by step on how to communicate properly and what to do with your patients.

  • What do you do if a potential COVID-19 patient calls your clinic for care.
  • When should a potential COVID-19 patient be told to stay at home and NOT come into your practice.
  • What do you do if a potential COVID-19 patient walks into your practice unannounced.

After watching this course your team will be more confident and prepared to address patient situations post COVID-19. 


Have you adjusted your cleaning protocols post COVID-19?

It so important to keep your office safe and sanitized for your staff and patients. COVID-19 has had a major effect on practices across the nation. With the changing climate in the world, now more than ever it is important to protect ourselves, our patients and practices.

The plan outlines recommendations post COVID-19 

  • Disinfection and cleaning of your office
  • Detailed cleaning protocols for your staff
  • Office sanitation recommendations for your office


Get your inventory in check!  What do you need to get restarted?

In this webinar, we will help you get organized with all of your vendors and products. We will give you tips and recommendations on what inventory you need to order to get you operational post COVID-19

  • Safety Equipment Supplies
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Medical Supplies
  • Retail Supplies
  • Capital Equipment


You need patients coming into your office to generate revenue, but how do you communicate with them at this unique time when many are anxious or worried?

With your practice about to reopen or with a reopen date in sight, now is the time to reach out to your patients. 

We will guide you on, how to break down your list of patients on how to communicated with them.

  • Breaking Down Your List
  • Patient Follow-Up
  • Patient Communications

Communicating with your patients with the proper updates about the business including your new safety protocols, will instill comfort for them to come back and see you. 


You need to market and communicate your reopening.  Social Media is the one of the best mediums to do so, but what should you say?

As practices look to reopen, now is the time to create your content.   We will go over what is the message you should be sending to your patients.

  • Two weeks before reopening
  • Opening Day
  • After Reopening


How to come back from quarantine with a proper staffing plan and addressing HR/Employee issues.

  • When do I have to bring everyone back to work?
  • If I can't bring everyone back immediately, who should I start with?
  • If someone is not returning to work, then how do I replace them?
  • Once people return, how do I compensate them?


Now is the time to incorporate virtual consults into your practice.  How do I get started?

During the time your practice was shutdown, you may or may not have utilized virtual consults to communicate with patients to continue to grow your medical practice.

If you have no yet embrace virtual consults, the following are a few helpful items to consider.

  • Technology options
  • Marketing checklist for virtual consults
    • Promote virtual consults to your patients
    • Online scheduling
    • Online patient portal
    • Automated appointment reminders



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