CaHA + PLLA Injection will provide you a comprehensive understanding of what CaHA + PLLA truly is; the many uses of CaHA + PLLA; medical vs aesthetic, uses and approvals, facial anatomy, patient selection, age and expectations, injection safety, techniques, and adverse events.



One-on-one training

Up to 1 hour of personal training with our experts

Live Injection Demo

With Dr. Gideon Kwok and Lori Robertson

2 Hours

Virtual didactic training on PDO threads

Certificate of Completion

Provided upon successful completion


This course requires practitioners to have at least 1 year of full-time hands-on injection experience or equivalent. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please email us at [email protected] before enrolling.

Hands-On CaHA & PLLA Training + Didactic


In-Person Workshop (9 AM PDT)

After taking this training course, you will be able to properly assess, choose the right product, inject, and treat your patients with beautiful results. 


Course Agenda:

9 AM - 10 AM : Q & A w/ Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO, and Lori Robertson MSN, FNP-C

10 AM - 1 PM : You will first observe a live demonstration of various injection techniques used by Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO, and Lori Robertson MSN, FNP-C

1 PM - 1:30 PM: BREAK

Afternoon (1:30 PM - 6 PM): During your scheduled training time, our instructors will guide you on how to:

  • Perform patient assessments.
  • Provide patient education regarding the treatment your model is about to receive.
  • Choose the product most appropriate for the patient's needs.
  • Safely and properly perform injections.

While you are not being trained, you will be able to observe your peers being trained. This will be an excellent opportunity to listen and learn while in the background. 

*length may vary depending on class enrollment.


Topics Included:

  • Differences between standard and Hyperdiluted CaHA and PLLA
  • Assess patient for Poly- L- Lactic Acid and CaHA 
  • Increased awareness of facial aging as it relates to bone and soft tissue loss
  • Be able to predict tissue growth and product needs as it relates to patients age and beginning tissue volume
  • Implement best practice information as it relates to collagen stimulation based on anatomical findings.


Total Price: $2,997** 

*length may vary depending on class enrollment. 

**total price applies to either one morning or one afternoon class.


"Lori and Dr. Kwok are very thorough and patient with people who are new to the industry!"

Bridget H., R.N.

"I already have a foot in the door, I just didn't feel confident doing injections and now after this, I feel really confident about where things are, how to even approach someone and how to even assess. This was amazing!"

Ailleen J.


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